MOFFAT III? Why? (ohwhyohwhy)



A)            Because I can.

B)            Because No Good Deed was fun to write, so I reckon 3 books of Moffat-ery is about right.

C)            The mystery of who and what Moffat is, is not yet resolved.

D)            Because I enjoy his company.

E)            Why not?

Moffat III’s working title is ‘At the Back of the North Wind or The Last of Moffat’. I have about 5250 words at the moment and some of them aren’t in Gibbous House or No Good Deed. If you want a taster of Moffat III (1000 words, approximately) you’ll find it here. If you haven’t had the pleasure of Moffat’s company before, Gibbous House is here. If you are already acquainted with the magniloquent murderer, you can pre-order the sequel, No Good Deed here.


Son of Mr Green Genes- Dweezil Zappa 10 December 2019, Leeds Town Hall


A trip to Leeds, Memory Lane, also known as Leeds Town Hall, on The Headrow. Some trepidation, I knew DZ had worked with dad from the early 80’s, but… Hot Rats? An album the same age as he is?

The audience was predominantly male (go figure), the ladies there were all smiling wryly at the reversal of the norm for the toilet queues at the interval. But…

This concert was fantastic. OK, Leeds Town Hall’s acoustics may not be the best, but with the huge organ pipes in the background, I can’t have been the only one to say ‘hope no-one pushes Dweezil off the stage’. I’d like to think he’d have laughed too. Hot Rats was delivered as promised, if in somewhat idiosyncratic order (a good thing, BTW). Quite a lot of You Are What You Is was performed (very well) by the band, no surprises with what’s happening in US politics now.

There was plenty of chat between the music, and it was good to hear something from Lowell George’s days with the Mothers, “Here Lies Love”. AND… something I wasn’t expecting – it will only mean anything to die-hard Zappa fans – the “secret word” was “Scunthorpe”. How’s that for conceptual continuity?

Highlights were I’m the Slime, Mr Green Genes, Twinkletits, Carolina (Scunthorpe) Hard Core Ecstasy and many, many more.

The band were all terrific and managed the varied vocal parts with skill (even the doo-wop-ery of Tears Began to Fall), but I have to give a shout out to multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Sheila Gonzalez. Wow.

So the apple doesn’t fall so very far from the tree, Dweezil led this band well and the guitar playing was sublime.

Still UK dates left, Leeds wasn’t full. GO!