Others Ed. Charles Fernyhough. Another “Kind of” Book Review.

davThis is a fine book. I’d say it should be on the Civic Studies curriculum in what old people like me used to call the VIth form, except in those days we studied things like British Constitution. If I’d known how important that would be nowadays, I’d have done that at A Level, instead of English, French and Latin.

The writers all bring insight and passion to the matter of being “other”. I got something from every piece, regardless of whether I’d heard of the writer or not.  The only problem with this wonderful book is that it is very unlikely to be read by the very people who need to read it most; politicians of every bent, non-centrist people over the age of 50, everyone who’s ever said “I’m not racist but…” or “I don’t mean you, mate/darling…”, or just some of your friends and mine.

It’s not the sparks that fly upward, it’s the rogues, the liars, the exploiters and the opportunists, that’s the real reason the centre cannot hold.

A really important book, just a pity it will most likely be ignored by those who need it most.