One more “another kind of book review”: Obsidian by Suzie Wilde


The Book of Bera part II with Part I on the screen in the background…

It’s sometimes difficult to get a sequel right. I’m pleased to say Ms Wilde pulls off this trick with some style. Once again she (re-)creates the Viking world with vivid description without laying on too much artifice in the dialogue. Judicious use of archaic words like “skep” (it means a basket or container for carrying/storing plants, and may well be related to the modern “skip” – must look that up) help rather than hinder understanding whilst still giving us the feeling that we are most definitely in another time and place.

Bera’s quest, mission or expedition is tense and exciting and causes her to encounter once again the splendidly villainous and extravagantly body-morphed Serpent. I certainly kept turning the pages quickly.

A taut, well written sequel to part I and a splendid addition to the The Book of Bera Series. I look forward to part III

PS Isn’t that cover fabulous?