Saturday Morning Serial Stuff – Another “Kind-of” Book Review… The Atlantis Deception by Mark H. Jackson


Only 3 more Unbound books to turn up and that will be a shelf-ful , HOG, EofE and Time’s Fool are at the right hand end out of shot…

Thrilling: in the manner of a Saturday morning serial, that is. John Hunter, *The Atlantis Deception’s hero, is in the grand tradition of those in the Saturday serials in the cinema – or if you’re a little younger – Saturday morning television before Tiswas. Mark Jackson manages the action set-pieces and cliff-hangers in a deft and compelling fashion. The love-interest is spiky-sparky and the light relief provided by George Goodheart is funny too.

The alternative-theory historical and archaeological exposition is pretty much seamless, in as much as I didn’t feel like I was in a lecture at some University I’d never have got into. A massive bonus this, because it’s one of the reasons The Atlantis Deception was so long on my to-be-read pile, (sorry Mark!) As it is, I really do wish I’d picked it up sooner, I found this book to be much better than anything by Clive Cussler, for example.

A good twist at the end which I didn’t see coming. Thoroughly recommended if you want a more modern H. Rider Haggard. I’ll read a sequel, for sure.

*published by Unbound Available in ethical online bookshops and the great big one…