Another Kind Of Barchester Chronicle: Time’s Fool by Alys Earl


This enjoyable piece of Gothic Horror is set in a fictional town named Barchester, but it is by no means a load of old Trollope. Alys Earl’s novel is a masterful piece of fiction. Stoker’s Dracula informs the story throughout although the focus of this writer’s novel is centred on The Creature, Julian. The extent of sympathy we readers feel towards The Creature is a mark of how deftly the writer has written their book.

The relationships between the young group of friends are finely drawn and entirely credible and I enjoyed the nods toward Stoker’s novel in the names Lucy and John. Steven’s prickly sarcasm was beautifully rendered and his and Sophia’s growing attraction to Julian was compelling. There were two triangles in this novel, I felt sympathy for John as I hope I was supposed to.

There is nothing in this book to dismay fans of Le Fanu or Stoker. There was not a single false note and the meticulous research is lightly worn. Gruesome and graphic, Time’s Fool remains a love story at heart and is none the worse for it.

Buy it, it’s very good indeed.