A Walk in the Afternoon

It’s Five-day. Five-day is special. I take both of my pets out on Five-day. I used to take them to the other place. There was CHICKEN. Try as I might I can’t get my pets to go the Chicken Place. They pull and pull until I give up and we go the way they want to go. In some ways it’s better for me. The walk is longer and my two pets are getting a little more exercise and so am I. Sometimes they pull a bit when I’m sniffing a tree and maybe laying down a marker to let other owners know I’ve stopped by.

They do make a fuss when we cross the road. They wait and wait for no reason that I can think of, but if I try to make them hurry up… Well, more fuss and bother.
After we’ve crossed the road we go into a place that smells a bit like the Chicken Place. You’ve guessed it though, there’s NO chicken. My two pets eventually settle down and fidget until they get their drink. After that they’re no trouble. Sometimes other pets arrive and sit with my pets. They don’t seem to have owners, though. I have a drink myself, one of the pets gets my bowl filled straight away. They know what’s good for them really. They’re always quite well behaved at the No-Chicken Place. They get quite a few drinks. I make mine last, but they’re only pets.
Anyway, when I’ve had enough I let them know. The best way is to spill what’s left in my bowl. Then I walk them back, they don’t pull so much. I wish we still went to the place with the chicken.