The Wanderer Returns

Home now. Back since Saturday. However, unlike previous years the weather seems late to turn. Usually the mercury has begun to fall by the time Malaga Feria is over and September has arrived. That is not the case this year. It remains hot, humid and windy by turns. We had a brief downpour although what fell was more mud than cool, limpid rain.

Still, I’m looking forward to keeping my TEFL hand in by teaching a couple of students from the surrounding area. In contrast to previous years, I do intend to have more time on my hands for writing.

The image is an ancient lithograph, I’d love to know exactly where the view was supposed to be from; for sure Alhaurin El Grande looks somewhat different now. It looks like an illustration from an old edition of Cervantes’ masterpiece, although the Ingenious Don didn’t travel much through these parts, as I remember. 

No news on the novel front. No news is good news, they say, I hope that’s true. The next step should/could/might be proofs, but who knows? Patience, I say to myself, but I don’t listen.

Well, until next time. Lang may yer lum reek!

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