Gibbous House to Be Published!

 Yes, Gibbous House will be published by Unbound Books next year. I have been in negotiations with them to have the book printed on the above press for the sake of authenticity. Sadly, this will not be possible.

It has been a very busy 3 months. Gibbous House’s crowd-funding campaign began in August and, with a few peaks and troughs, smashed through the 100% barrier in 98 days. A rate of better than 1% per day was much, much better than I dared hope for before the campaign began. Today the total stands at 105%.

So what does it mean? Well, although all of this is as new to me as it was to every single contributor, I do have some idea. Firstly, it means sometime in early summer 2015 books will be landing on doormats for everyone who pledged for them. Subsequently books should appear in some bookshops, how many books and how many bookshops, I do not know.

The latest news is that some sketches have been presented for the cover by the artist commissioned by Unbound. I am very excited about seeing them when they arrive. The manuscript will be sent for proofing around the turn of the year.

Of course, it will still be possible to get a name in the back of the book until quite a late stage, so send your friends here!

Now I’m going to draft something for the Gibbous Hut, as some call my author’s shed on Unbound. There’ll be an excerpt from the sequel to Gibbous House, No Good Deed or What Moffat Did Next.