Solid Rainbow.

It always convinces:
at least one end of that rainbow
must land on solid ground.
The Kansas Girl wants to fly over it.
You could follow a leprechaun to one end
and recover a pot of gold,
although it might turn out
a discarded tinker’s pan.
Why not cross the Rainbow Bridge?
Why not pass under its arch?
It never disappoints,
at least one kind of illusion
must persist in memory.
A bluebird is as unlikely,
but you could find happiness in its song,
then discover a gift for love:
and so you might find out
the impossible yields to ‘can’.

The Goatherd with an Umbrella

It has two buckled rods
but it keeps some rain off
all but his feet
marking time at
while brown-pelted goats,
the odd sheep and things
which look like geep or shoats
block a tiny back-street
called Ilusion or maybe
Felicidad, where the cobbles
shine in the rain.