Hey Nonny No

Shakespearian songs, Handel’s Water Music and – doubtless – Elgar; that will be Britain’s soundtrack for the next few days, won’t it? I feel a long way from the bread and circuses of Blighty at the moment. It’s quite something to see the Jubilee Jamboree from this distant land. Jamboree, pound to a penny that entered English from India, that former Jewel in the Crown of Empire. Hard to believe that Lillibet ascended to the throne when we still believed we had one. Remarkable the things her reign has seen. Suez, England winning a football competition, the dissolving of the stiff-upper- lip on the death of her daughter-in-law. Remarkable. Four days of cakes and ale started today, with Derby Day: which at least is safer for the horses than the National. A pageant on Old Father Thames tomorrow, and two bank holidays in a row! I hope it all goes well, I really do, but it means as much to me now as a clip from an old Pathé News reel. Still, it’s ‘feelgood’ news and doubtless the BBC is waving the flag despite its renowned leftward leanings. Crisis, what crisis? Will DC or Cleggers quote the avuncular Jim? I doubt it, but they might be thinking it.

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