Bipolar Weather

“If it rains while the sun is shining another widow will get married.” An old proverb. You would have needed a Las Vegas Drive-in Chapel today in Alhaurin El Grande, since the eligible Widows would have numbered more than several less after the bipolar weather we enjoyed here today.

The BBC news was full of a stabbing at the sales in Oxford Street, someone was shot in Salford: I’m happy that it rained while the sun shone in Alhaurin today. It’s safe here, at least. Sure, people can’t drive, turn up late – or not at all – but for the most part, there are many more smiles than frowns.

Besides, if the strange weather makes a widow happy, who are we to complain?


Christmas In Andalucia

It’s Boxing Day. Unusually it is a holiday, as the 25th fell on a Sunday. I’m off to work today. Over the last 7 years or so, things have changed quite a lot regarding this time of year. When I first came, there were not so many Santas climbing the building walls and fewer lights. January 6th, Three Kings, Epiphany to you and I, was the day the children got excited about. It was when the big presents arrived. School began the day after, if it was a weekday. Nowadays, Christmas is an important festival. Traditionalists blame this on the Guiris, but I’m not so sure.
You could put it down to the Multiplex: toy tie-ins to Hollywood-lowest-common-denominator movies designed for worldwide release the first week in December.

Or maybe it is, the Guiris, that is; explaining that they want a drink on Christmas Eve, or it’s the Guiri bars and restaurants doing a roaring trade on the 24th and closing the next day.

Down at the Venta, Pepe roasted a suckling pig for a group of Teutons on the 24th. I asked him why he was cooking my brother. ‘Humor Ingles’, he laughed, although it wasn’t particularly funny. On the 25th, I went down to the Venta again, and said Merry Christmas to all the people I’d seen on Christmas Eve. I can understand why people find us odd.

Well, I myself didn’t feel particularly Christmassy this year, but then I never do.Let’s think about the Winter Solstice and the lengthening days and the warmer evenings and a new year beginning. I hope this Year brings you and yours everything you need, everything you want and everything you love, which if you wanted you could translate as ‘todo que quieres’. English is too prolix at times, isn’t it?

Paper View

For a few weeks they have been selling hooky papers at La Trocha car boot sale. They “fall off the back of” the delivery van.The Sundays are very dear here. Last week I turned up at about 9.30. Not a single paper left. I could have gone this morning at about 9, but it’s Sunday. The day of rest. So I’m reverting to going to the Estanco and paying 5 times the price, I’ll probably have a coffee. I’m willing to bet that someone, not me, will denounce the van driver to the Policia Local. It’s an attitude I see a lot here from the British Guiris. Selfish, self-centred: if I can’t have a cheap paper, no-one will. Wait and see, it’ll happen. So, like I say, I’m off to the estanco. Besides, the flea market is quite depressing at times, second-hand tat, white goods that don’t work and other people’s clothes.