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Ewan Lawrie is the author of Gibbous House, (January 2017), No Good Deed (January 2021), and At The Back Of The North Wind (September 2022) featuring the charming villain Alasdair Moffat.  His Cerasus Poetry-published collection “Last Night I Met John Adcock” was shortlisted for the Poetry Book Prize 2020.  He is one of a small team of editors for the writers’ web-site, ABCTales.com.



Whilst serving 23 years in the Royal Air Force, including 10 in Cold War Berlin and 12 more flying over the rather warmer conflicts that followed, Ewan began writing. In the main this was to pass the time during long, boring flights over desert countries. After a while, this way of killing time developed into a passion.

Until recently Ewan lived in the south of Spain, inland from the Costa Del Sol, where he used to enjoy an occasional beer in bars where no-one spoke English, at least not to him, in case they ended up in his notebook or somewhere worse. When not doing that he used to write, but occasionally he taught English to Andalucians and other Hispanophones.

Having spent 9 months renting in Manchester’s hipster equivalent of Shoreditch, West Didsbury, Ewan is now living in Elland in the Calder Valley, where the scenery is as inspiring in its way as that of Spain and the beer is cheaper than in Manchester.

Please Allow Me Inc. represents Ewan Lawrie for marketing purposes. However, since it is an entirely fictitious business, good luck with contacting them. (They often post on Facebook, all material should be consumed with generous portions of Saxa – other condiments are available).

He has had stories and poetry published in several anthologies. His first poetry collection was published by Cerasus Poetry in October 2018. Gibbous House was his debut novel published by Unbound in 2017 No Good Deed is his second novel and was published by Unbound on January 21st 2021. At The Back Of The North Wind (The Last Of Moffat..?) was published on 27th September 2022. It is a non-U publication.


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5 thoughts on “Ewan Lawrie – Writer

  1. Really Looking forward to “No Good Deed”…….or is it “No Good Dead” Ewan?
    Being a Northumbrian I just closed my eyes and walked all the way through Gibbous House, recognising so many and so much. Very well received indeed.

    • Sorry for not getting back to you earlier, Nev. Glad you enjoyed Gibbous House. Yes, although I boarded at the Duke’s for only 5 years Alnwick and Northumberland left a big impression on me.

      • Yes, I remember those years very well and I see Brian Jackson just died a couple of weeks ago. I remember you as being quite a formidable 400m runner in your youth too, along with Dave Kennedy. Your boarding establishment is pending refurbishment now though and hopefully they do it proud.
        I look forward to reading your new book Ewan…..on the beach here in Vietnam and with a beer of course.

      • Aye… long ago days. Jacko was a real Jekyll and Hyde character. I bumped into him outside of school a few times and he couldn’t have been nicer. Enjoy that beer… and the book too.

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